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This site is about HATS, HATS and more HATS. Use the Global Hat Directory to source a Hat Factory, Designer or Hat related supplier. Find out everything about hat design, manufacture, retail and care in the Hat Bible. View the Glossary to find the meaning of hat words. Our search facility will find virtually everything to do with hats and is essential for finding manufactures and suppliers world-wide. Hatters and Milliners information are also included on the site.

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Pictures from Royal Ascot 2000

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Do you want to know about head and hat sizing, or do you have a question about hats? leave your question on our hat forum Have you just bought a hat and want to learn how to wear it? go straight to our wear, care and repair page HatsUK offer you the largest volume of hat information on the internet, our views are independent and varied and anyone with something  to say is welcome to send us relevant hat information and comment. However you use hatsUK, we hope that you will find our site, interesting and informative.


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