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A hat is a cover for the head, it can be in any form, soft or structured, smart, casual or practical but it has a shape given to it, as opposed to a simple wrap or scarf. It has had much significance over the years and can be worn for many reasons. Some of which are listed below.
To show status
As part of a uniform
To act as sun shade
For reasons of hygiene
For protection
To enhance height
To convey a message

Head warmth
Accessory to clothing
Hide hair or lack of it
To attract attention

A hat is the article of clothing worn most closely to the brain and to many the hat is a very special item. It brings attention to the head, although it can be used both to hide the face or frame it and at certain times do both, adding an air of mystery to the wearer. A hat can change the total look of the wearer, ranging from comedy to tragedy.

Hats convey many messages when worn as part of a uniform, but when worn as a fashion accessory a hat gives the wearer a feeling that only each individual wearer can explain. The wearer of a hat has an advantage over other mortals in that they appear to project an air of authority and confidence.

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