La Fête Des Chapeaux A Soirée For Mad Hatters

Greetings From Boston,

I  had the honour of organizing a wonderful hat event to celebrate St. Catherines day.  In association with Rosie's Place(A shelter for Battered Women) for the the third year running, we celebrated "La Fete Des Catherinettes" in style. 

Yours Sincerely,

Marie Galvin,

Enjoy the pictorial of the evenings best hat attendees

Every fall the French fashion world salutes milliners and their patron saint, Catherine of Alexandria. Nov. 16th we were delighted to host the third annual "La Fête Des Chapeaux" for New England hat lovers.

The Milliners Guild, which consists of six local area milliners lead by Marie Galvin, showcased their Fall/Winter 2000 hat collections at the "La Fête des Catherinettes". "La Fête des Catherinettes" is the annual fashion world salute to millinery and is celebrated in only three cities around the world: Paris, Chicago and Boston.

 Proceeds from the event benefited The Women's Craft Cooperative at Rosie's Place. Awards were given to attendees in four categories, avant guarde, sophisticated, elegant and most unusual hats. And what a task the judges had. Attendees arrived in the most outrageous and creative hats, which both impressed and surprised each judge.It was an evening of drama and theatrics, an event to be remembered. The party goers were from all ages and backgrounds. All were adorned with spectacular and beautiful hats ranging from fine vintage wear, classic, to modern. 

The more outrageous the better. One of the most memorable creations, was a lavish and elaborate underwater scene. Another creation was a hat made from a lampshade that actually had a working light built in. And who could forget the wonderful mother and daughter team which created a hat entirely out of paper. There were also male attendees who were mostly entertained by the onslaught of beautiful hat adorned ladies.

This years line up of judges featured the ever so stylish Naamua Delaney, Fox 25 News Lifestyles reporter; the charming Robert Rutkauskas, Filenes Fashion Director; the fashionably elegant Justine Liff, Commissioner of Boston Parks and Recreation and the truly fabulous and talented Julie Michaud, Michaud cosmetics.


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